CSR Activities

We endeavor to create a positive
impact in our business and the
community we engage with

CSR Activities

The Urban Tree group’s CSR approach spans Community Development, Healthcare, Education,
and Gender Equity. The group is acknowledged for its commitment to making a difference
in property development and community empowerment.

Save a Turtle

Urban Tree decided to take that brave step in building a sense of consciousness, in association with Ridley Run’18.

Turtles are said to travel more than thousands of miles to lay eggs in the shores and all we ask for is just a run for a few kilometers to save their lives. We wanted to save those Olive Ridleys from the death trap. Palavakkam Beach on Feb 4, 2018(Sunday) witnessed a massive crowd where hundreds of men, women, kids and even pets took part in the Run.

Beach Cleaning

Our city is our home and we can’t deny it. Our Team decided to get on the grounds and clean our coastal waters of Besant Nagar.

The huge amount of plastic and other wastes lying on the beach had distressed us many times, but when we gathered as a Team with a simple motive, we cleared them in just a matter of two hours!

Swachh Chennai

Swachh Chennai is our giant intiative that engulfs crores of investment backed by a greater vision of keeping our environment and our home city, clean.

We make sure our road cleaner machine visits streets of Chennai everyday and sweeps away the garbage by sucking them. Our dedicated team identifies and cleans not only the dirty streets but also volunteers to take our machine and clean public places like beaches and parks.

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